First started in 1994 by Karl Perazzo and run by both him and his wife Debbie Perazzo. Karl, with 25 years of music experience under his belt, decided he would start a small management company. He started this company in order to help his fellow musicians with bands of there own. Perazzo feels that with his name and know how, he has a better angle at being able to give the bands good representation. Once under Perazzo Entertainment Group, the company will then help book the bands locally, refer them to reputable booking agents here in the area and nationwide. Some of the bands under the management company have had the opportunity to travel to places such as Los Angeles, Guam etc.
Management is very selective about who they represent and require that bands meet stringent criteria. Above all, a high level of professionalism must be met. Because of this selectiveness there are currently only three bands that they have chosen to represent at this time, but they do have access to many other bands if needed. Musically speaking Perazzo Entertainment Group deals mostly with Latin, Salsa and Latin Jazz bands.